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Keep Design System - Built by industry experts to produce brainstorming UX/UI design solutions. You can create modern and beautiful UI designs at your fingertips. 

Keep Design System offers the most comprehensive UI kit and components and lets you innovate more in less time.

Don't miss the opportunity to have this awesome design system for free.

Key Features

  • 5000+ Components & Variants

  • 435+ Global Styles

  • 1550+ Function Icons with size variants ready

  • Smart Auto Layout 3.0

  • Scalable, Smart, Responsive typography system for any project

  • Smart Variants

  • Popular brand logos and icons 

  • Design websites and dashboards in minutes with pre-made sections and variants.

  • Excellent Pagination Design 

  • Documentation

  • and so many more 

How Keep Design System Helps You

There are so many design systems available for Figma; however, the flexibility, uniqueness, ease of use, and quality make Keep Design System the best of the best. 

A vast collection of reusable components and UI kits, guided by clear standards, allows teams to quickly build applications without starting from scratch.

It helps designers to create consistent and efficient user experiences across all products, platforms, and services.

This well-crafted design system enables teams to quickly produce high-quality designs without reinventing the wheel every time they work on a new project. This saves time and ensures that all products have the same quality standard.

The library of components, styles, and tools can be assembled together to build any number of applications or projects. You can create the most effective user interfaces in a shorter time.

  • Design Faster Than Ever

  • Pixel Perfect Across All Platforms

  • Carefully Crafted 

  • Consistent Design Throughout the Whole Project

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